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35 Years of experience in the industry, BMS Factory is focusing on creating and manufacturing adult novelties with the highest standards and utilizes a number of unique technologies.

The trusted and time-tested technology, PowerBullet® was developed by BMS. What once started as a basic vibration, PowerBullet® has evolved into the strongest multiple vibration technology on the market and is widely used. Currently PowerBullet® is continuing to lead the way in the industry and is still know as a pioneer of power. 

The world’s first virtually seamless silicone vibrator was also achieved by BMS. The full silicone-covered body products are inherently body-safe and more hygienic products. To do 

this, precise design and high-end technology are necessary, which BMS has perfected. 

BMS is also the first company in the industry to successfully apply touch sensitive technology to silicone vibrators. This technology has brought the products a more humanized and natural operation, giving the consumers a more beautiful sensual experience.

Over the years, BMS has worked hard not only to improve the quality, but also takes into account, the visual experience and inner pursuit of the consumers. BMS will continue to create luxury products and to bring happiness to more people. 

BMS now owns a retail chain of boutique stores within Canada. It has created several best-selling brands that are award-winning internationally. The products are sold within Canada, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Australia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan and many other countries.

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It is because of our attention to detail and focus on quality and continuous innovation, that our products are loved so widely by consumers around the world. 

Swan is seamlessly covered in 100% silicone and incorporates a deep vibration, a delicate clitoral stimulator and its perfect angle fitting the natural curve of the body, which has won several awards in Europe and South America. 

its long running time, rechargeable and full waterproof features proves BMS’s excellent ideas of innovation and high-end technologies.

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In November 2011, BMS Factory was revolutionizing the face of the luxury toy market once again with the launch of LEAF. The entire LEAF collection is modeled after naturally 

occurring shapes which were then translated into products that cater to women who are looking for a classy, natural feeling. 

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BMS also offers products that meet the needs of different consumers across the market. We launched the products gradually, like the ground-breaking power of Palmpower, Wonderlust, 

Commotion, Simple&True and many other massager products that have their own unique features.

In 2016, the affordable luxury line Pillow Talk were launched, which was created with high-end elegance, lovely pastel coloring and perfectly curved designed. Dazzling with Swarovski® Crystal,Pillow Talk has been made perfect for its function and value.  

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In 2017, BMS was able to integrate the touch action of human instinct into the design of pleasure products. Over 5 years of exploration and experience, BMS has successfully developed this touch sensitive technology. This is a breakthrough in the industry and we are the first ones to apply it successfully to silicone vibrators. The touch sensitive technology has allowed the products to possess a more humanized operation and give the consumers a more beautiful sensual experience.

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Pursuing Your Pleasure is the basic philosophy of what we stand for over the years of development. At the same time, BMS has been focusing on innovation, improving quality, and 

taking into account the visual experience and inner pursuit of the consumers to create more high-end adult products. We are proud to offer you the very best in quality and services for the ever-evolving adult novelty market, bringing love and happiness to more people!

From everyone at BMS, we want to thank you for your support and appreciation of our products, and we look forward to many more years of pleasure in the future.

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